How to Temporarily Repair your Windshield

A simple crack or chip on the windshield can actually be fixed without having to spend hundreds of dollars for a glass shop service. Admit it, in the many years of driving, the windshield tend to be one of the most vulnerable parts of the car. It’s every car owner’s worst nightmare. A tiny damage … [Read more…]

Common Motorcycle Problems

If you’re a motorcycle owner, you know how convenient it is to have one as it can easily improve your transportation speed. You can traverse traffic easily; though make sure that you’re not overdoing it as it can cause accident; move from place to place easily, park faster and more. However, if you’ve got something … [Read more…]

Basic Motorcycle Troubleshooting

Many of us are fond of using a motorcycle to travel back and forth to our work or destination. There are several advantages of using a motorcycle when travelling, such as being able to traverse traffic easily, though it can be risky at times. However, problems like hard starting, flat tires and many other common … [Read more…]